Playrooms + Craft Areas


The key to keeping a million tiny pieces organized in any playroom or arts & crafts area is containment! We will sort through every piece and give each one a labeled home. This makes clean up time a breeze and helps teach your little ones great organizational habits at a young age.

Small toys can by sorted and stored individually for a fun display.
Cube storage keeps toys off of the floor and neatly stored.
Pop up tents create the perfect solutions for storing and hiding stuffed animals.
Organizing crayons by ROYGBIV color coding creates a beautiful display for this craft area.
A unique and fun solution for storing stuffed animals.
There are so many ways to contain stuffed animals in a playroom.
This organized playroom shows a great way to display books and puzzles.
Clear storage helps kids easily find what toys they are looking for.
Open storage creates easy access for children’s toys.
Categorize and label toys and supplies for easy access and a clean organized look.