Playrooms + Craft Areas


The key to keeping a million tiny pieces organized in any playroom or arts & crafts area is containment! We will sort through every piece and give each one a labeled home. This makes clean up time a breeze and helps teach your little ones great organizational habits at a young age.

An organized craft cabinet makes it easy for kids to get creative.
Sort pens and markers and keep them contained in open glass jars for easy access.
Clear stackable bins make it easy to categorize craft supplies.
The Elfa System can be customized to fit as many categories of toys that you need and looks great in a playroom.
Teach your kids organizing skills at an early age by adding custom labels to drawers and make cleanup time easy.
This organized playroom shows a great way to display toys.
Storage cubes are a great way to conceal clutter and maintain categories in a playroom.
A cube storage system can be customized to organize books and toys.
Games and books are easily accessible with the cabinet is categorized and organized.
Categorize art supplies for easy access and a clean organized look.