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"Thorough attention to detail!"

Leigh and her team transformed my basement from a cluttered mess to an organized, neat and functional space. Once they helped to eliminate items I no longer needed, they organized the remaining items into clearly labeled boxes and trays. With thorough attention to detail everything had a home from tools, art supplies, holiday decorations and party items.


"I really think my family will keep up this system of organization!"

My home is so organized. I live in paradise! I hired Leigh to organize my entire home. We got rid of so much stuff and she labeled everything. Leigh and her team were awesome! Thank you so much Leigh!



"I feel much more clear-headed now knowing there is a place for everything."

Leigh did a great job organizing my clothes after I moved to a house with very little and oddly shaped closet space. It was really nice to be able to put this project in someone else's hands and have her come up with a plan and implement it - it allowed me to focus on other things and leave organizing my home to the pros!


"She was gentle and let me keep items that I considered keepsakes. I didn't feel forced to give up things."

Leigh helped me purge my huge double walk in closet. She pulled my closet together and it really, really made a difference.

There is lots of space now and everything is so organized, even my purses! I will have her back soon to complete the job in some other areas. She worked 7 hours and my closet is fantastic. Took a 15 minute break the whole day.


"Highly recommend!"

This service was excellent. Leigh organized all of my cabinets and closet in my bedroom and bathroom. Things I had been planning to do for months, she knocked out in half a day, and did a way better job that I would have.


"She was terrific!"

Leigh helped me with office organization. She was professional, sweet, focused and knew how to organize!