Have you ever looked at your closet (which by the way is overflowing with clothes) only to think, "I have NOTHING to wear!" It is so important to only have things that you love, look good on you, and you want to wear hanging in your closet. Everything else just makes getting ready each day overwhelming. Save time and stress by purging unwanted clothes and creating space for the things that make you look and feel great! 

File folding leggings in drawers helps you see everything you own at a glance.
Baskets give a uniform look to your closet, and hats are used to style the space.
Make the most out of vertical closet space with hanging shelves and folded clothes.
Rolling ties will  save space and allow you to see all of your options at once.
Drawer organizers help keep bikini bottoms organized and separated.
Organizing and file folding kids clothes will save space in a dresser and allow you to see everything in the drawer at once.
Folding and stacking jeans will free up hanging space in your closet.
Hanging organizers create more vertical space for closet storage.
Face each pair of pants in the same direction to create a uniform organized look in your closet.
Color coding button-up shirts will help keep your closet organized.

Her Closet


Moving into a new place is always exciting, but it can also be overwhelming for many people. This client had a few big life changes happening, including a new baby, which left little time for her to unpack and get organized in her new home. Luckily, what seems overwhelming to most clients is literally what we dream about at night! We were like an artist with a blank canvas in here! We fell in love with her fashion sense and wanted her closet to feel like she was walking into an exclusive boutique. We displayed her favorite accessories and made it so easy to put the perfect outfit together. This closet looks just like a store we would love to go shopping in! 

This master closet has great shoe storage and displays everything so perfectly.
This closet feels like walking into a boutique with a beautiful purse display and uncluttered hanging clothes.
The key to an organized closet is being able to see everything you own at a glance.

His Closet

Less is more when it comes to a man's closet. Setting up a simple system will help ensure that he will continue to stay organized. For this closet, we gave each section a purpose. Dress pants had their own section with special non-slip open ended hangers. The sweaters were folded over hangers for easy access and to protect the material from stretching. And finally, as you can tell, this man likes his shoes, which is why it was the perfect solution to display all of them right as you walk in the closet. 

Color code and hang pants all facing the same way to create a uniform and organized closet.
Decluttering and organizing is the key to being able to see everything in your closet at a glance.
Sort clothes into categories for an organized closet.
Folding and hanging sweaters will help keep the shape of you clothes.
Matching hangers and color coded shirts will give your closet a simple and organized feel.
Displayed hats and shoes in an organized men's closet.


If Marilyn Monroe was right when she said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world," then this client is about to take over! This is what we like to call a well-stocked closet! The custom built-ins with roll-out shelves made this project so fun!