Kitchens + Pantries


Kitchen/pantry organization is one of our most popular requests from clients. We love coming up with ways to make your kitchen more functional and less crowded. Finding the best placement for dishes, utensils, and cookware makes cooking and cleanup so much easier. Did you know that we even create systems for pantries? Having a system catered to you and your family will help ensure that you don't lose food to expiration dates and that you don't buy more than you need. 

Decanting food into clear glass containers with air-tight lids will help keep your food fresh.
This tea cabinet is clearly categorized making it easier to find what you are looking for.
Deep drawers in the kitchen are perfect for storing and having easy access to large mixing bowls.
Keep glasses within reach and close to the dishwasher for easy access and an organized kitchen.
Having a designated coffee station in one area of your kitchen will help make your mornings so much easier.
Keep small appliances that you use regularly on your kitchen counter for easy access.
Designate a zone for each food category in your pantry to quickly see what you have on hand.
Clear bins in your pantry will help keep items contained and make it easy to see what you have on hand.
Organizing bins will help keep your food contained and your pantry clutter-free.
A clutter-free kitchen is so inviting.
Adding shelves to your cabinets will help maximize your vertical space.