Small Businesses

Is your office overwhelmed with clutter but no one wants to take responsibility? Everyone’s desks are piled high but no one can find a pen? Suddenly Simple can help create new organization and storage systems that work with your natural habits, business processes, space constraints, and budget for your small business.

This office supply room was sorted and decluttered to create an organized and clean space.
This doctor's office makes a much better first impression to patients. It went from a cluttered mess to a clean and organized space.
This office breakroom was cluttered and chaotic before we styled and organized it for a calmer, more welcoming feel.
An organized trophy case will show off your accomplishments in a beautiful way.
This doctor's office play area is now sorted, organized, and labeled.
Baskets give this storage room a clean uniform and organized look.
We helped moved this small business to its new location and helped get it organized and ready for the employees.
A simple clutter-free office is a welcoming space for this business.
A simple and open concept creates a clean and fresh space for these employees to work in.